Lost In Limoges

From the sheep-dotted pastures of France's underpopulated Southwest, Limoges rises in all its grey glory. The city's claim to fame: fine porcelain. The half-timbered houses of the Medieval center are surrounded by strip malls and McDo. Land-hungry Brits descend with flailing pocketbooks (thanks, RyanAir). The weather is remarkably cool year-round. Sure, I live on rue de Nice, but this is NOT the Cote d'Azur. Welcome to Limoges, "the middle of nowhere"-- or as Pierre says "everywhere"-- France.

Friday, November 16, 2007

How Many Kisses?

It seems the French are as confused as I am when it comes to figuring out the bises business. In a clever piece called "The grand game of who-kisses-who," Libération gives a tongue and cheek assessment of the (often baffling) French etiquette. The solution? A Web site whereby the readers can cast their vote for the number of kisses for each region. On the map of France, you can click your département and give your say about the proper protocol. Brilliant!


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